Bromley Educational Trust

Bromley Educational Trust

Bromley Educational Trust

Bromley Educational Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust, sponsored by London South East Colleges.


Bromley Educational Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust, sponsored by London South East Colleges*.

We aim to provide outstanding education and training for young people within Bromley, bringing together specialist provision to provide a real alternative to mainstream education.

We encourage schools to extend and develop their offer; establish an innovative curriculum that is built around the needs of individual pupils; share and enable best practice; and provide exceptional opportunities for staff to develop and progress.

We demand high performance from our schools while recognising that each school’s individual journey to success will differ based on its context and starting point.

Consequently, we encourage diversity of approach and self-determination for schools.


The Bromley Educational Trust aims to:

  • Uphold that every child and young person has a right to a good education, and to learn within a healthy, safe and supportive environment
  • Enable each school to assert and celebrate its distinctive identity within the Trust whilst operating as a member of the family of schools actively supporting each other and sharing emergent and best practice to the benefit of everyone
  • Put in place effective school improvement strategies based on best practice and supported by all
  • To support good and outstanding schools to continue learning and improving.
  • Establish succession planning and retain good staff.
  • Develop a learning community where all who have a stake in the learning process are valued
  • Make joint bids where partnership could increase the likelihood of securing funding for educational projects across the Trust
  • Develop collaborative strategic alliances across the Borough and nationally
  • Foster joint student activities and partnerships
  • Build and support leadership and management capacity at all levels across the Trust and its schools
  • Ensure that limited resources are well-spent by exploiting economies of scale wherever possible


To be recognised, valued and respected in our communities as listening, responsive and relevant. We will be recognised as an outstanding centre of vocational and educational excellence and will play a leading role in the economic and social development of the area.

Join Us

There are many benefits of joining Bromley Educational Trust.

We are keen to talk with other schools and educational establishments that share our vision.

Good or outstanding schools that are planning to convert to academy status will see benefits gained through working with other schools in the Trust, through sharing best practice and through a joint vision and ambition. Improving schools will secure support, encouragement and access to expertise. For all schools, we offer access to a range of excellent central services and economies of scale through shared services.

We look forward to discussing with you how we can assist you to become part of our family. 

Mrs Sam Parrett OBE, FCIPD MSc

*London South East Colleges is the trading name of Bromley College of Further and Higher Education

Services - Our offer to you

Bromley Educational Trust brings a considerable range of benefits to schools. Here is a summary of what we can offer you:

School Improvement

Central to our work is a School Improvement Programme that is delivered in partnership with your school. As schools are different, we introduce an individual improvement package based on need. If your school has been judged by Ofsted as requiring improvement, we will work with you to identify what needs to be done, and in what order, and provide all necessary support.

We help you by:

  • Analysing your pupil-level data in all key stages
  • Identify specific areas where performance falls short of national expectations
  • Ascertain the causes of any shortfalls
  • Support you in implementing these actions

Bromley Education Trust draws on the resources of London South East College – with support in the following areas:

Property, Estates, Health & Safety, Buildings and Infrastructure developments

London South East Colleges is experienced in creating and maintaining flexible, engaging spaces that encourage an effective learning and teaching environment. In partnership with architects, engineering and construction companies, the College can address and project manage building projects. The College’s in-house Estate Management Team understands the requirements of effective management of educational estates and premises, including support on all health and safety matters.

Student Support Services

London South East Colleges has a talented team of individuals who have expertise in areas including accommodation, finance, welfare, health, counselling as well as additional support for Maths and English and study skills. We believe in supporting the ‘whole’ learner whatever their needs. These facilities and support functions can be provided to schools and developed where appropriate.

Learning and Information Resources

London South East Colleges has access to over xx,000 books, an online library of electronic resources as well as an ever-growing collection of up-to-date classroom resources. The expertise and services that can be provided includes:

  • Curriculum support
  • Teaching and learning support
  • Literacy strategies, including the promotion of reading
  • Evaluation of available resources to align with the school’s priorities
  • Library and ICT advice and consultation
  • Evaluation of school library facilities and advising on improvements
  • Advice and involvement with the recruitment of new library staff
  • Initial and ongoing support for new and existing library staff
  • Open all year round including evening and weekend opening

Financial Services

The financial services team at London South East Colleges is available to provide support and guidance for financial planning, annual accounts preparation, budget management, procurement, asset management and audit services.

The College has extensive experience in procuring and managing systems: its finance, HR and payroll systems are not only market leading packages but are also widely used in school environments. A key consideration shaping our procurement approach is the quality of local support.

Human Resources

London South East Colleges’ Human Resources team provides an approachable and responsive service across a broad range of areas covering: terms and conditions of employment, employee relations, equality and diversity, staff development, health and safety and sustainability. The team supports the creation of effective policies and procedures that operate across the Trust and will establish a staff development programme to support new and changing requirements.

Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR support from London South East Colleges incorporates the following services: design, prospectus production, marketing materials, PR, websites, photography, editing and proof reading, as well as the production of virtual tours; PR and reputation support during critical incidents.

Information Technology and Network Services

In terms of IT infrastructure, London South East Colleges contracts, manages and runs IT that encompasses corporate and learner systems, hardware, networking and software. Advice is also given on the application of ICT to enhance

Board and Executive Team

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