Fees and funding

We want to help you get the very best out of your studies with us and understand that financial issues can be a concern.

We have a team of supportive staff who can advise you on the financial support available. Please call us on 0300 303 2554.

Here is a quick guide to our course fees:

  • IF YOU ARE 16 TO 18...

    Tuition is free on the majority of our courses if you are aged 16-18 at the start of your studies and a UK or EU student.

  • IF YOU ARE 19+...

    If you are 19 or older on 31 August in the first year of your course, you may be required to pay tuition and exam fees but for many people their courses are still free, or support is available.

    Some courses may also qualify for an Advanced Learning Loan and we can help you apply for a loan - which you won’t have to start repaying until you start earning over £21,000.

    Full documentation confirming your age and details will need to be seen at enrolment in order to determine the correct fee and whether you are eligible for remission.

    Fees are payable at the point of enrolment by debit/credit card or in cash.

    The best way to find out more about courses costs and the support available is by getting in touch with us, by phone on 0300 303 2554, online or at one of our Open Events. 

    Full documentation confirming your age and circumstances will need to be seen at enrolment in order to determine the correct fee and whether you are eligible for remission. Fees are payable at the point of enrolment by debit/credit card or in cash.


    All Bachelors Degrees are £8,400 per year

    All Computing and IT Foundation Degrees are £7,500 per year

    All Science Foundation Degrees (including the Year 0 of BSc (Hons) Extended Degree in Science) are £10,850 per year

    Students from certain countries are eligible for £1,000 scholarships All Access to HE programmes are £5,000 (one year only)


Higher Education Fees and Funding


  • FEES...

    The fees for indivudal courses can be found here. Sometimes we list the fee for the previous academic year; this is because a fee has not been set for the next academic year, but we leave the current year's fee as a rough guide to what may be charged in the future.

    Course fees are calculated on the basis of what it costs to teach each course and we aim for total financial transparency.The fees cover all essential costs of studying the course and we make clear if there are additional costs associated with studying on a particular course.

  • FINANCE...

    To find out about Student Loans in the UK please go to www.gov.uk. A guide to Student Loans and terms and conditions can be found here.

    UK and EU students can apply to take out a Tuition Fee Loan from the UK Government to pay their higher education fees. 

    Your tuition fees are paid directly to the higher education institution; you can apply for a loan to cover the full cost of your tuition fees and you only start to repay it when you are earning over £21,000 a year.

    UK students studying on full-time courses are also eligible to apply for a Maintenance Loan from the UK Government to help with living costs such as food, accommodation and travel expenses. Further information can be found at www.gov.uk.



    Text books Students are responsible for their own purchase of text books
    Travel to other sites Where travel to other sites is required, this will be payable by the student
    Library fees and fines Where students fail to return loaned items within the required time they will be responsible for the cost of any Library Fees and Fines applicable
    Printing and photocopying The cost of printing and photocopying undertaken by students to support their individual learning (beyond the allowance provided by London South East Colleges) is payable by the student


    If you take out a loan for tuition fees and/or living costs from the UK Government then your loan repayments will be deducted from your salary once you have graduated and are working. If you have not repaid all of your loan within 30 years of graduating the remiander will be written off by the UK Government.


    The Government provides extra financial help to full-time students with child or adult dependants, and students can apply for one of the following: 

    • Adult Dependants Grant
    • Childcare Grant
    • Parents
    • Learning Allowance

    For more information , go to www.gov.uk

     Fees are listed under each course. Sometimes they will list the fee for the previous academic year, this is because a fee for the current year has not yet been set, but we leave that fee as a rough guide to what we may charge.

     We show fees for UK/EU students only, international fees are quoted on application.

     For more information on student loans in the UK, click here.

     For information on our Tuition Fees, Payments and Other Charges Policy, click here.


Greenwich Adult and Community Learning Fees and Funding


    Fees for general interest/non‐qualification courses are calculated using the hourly rates below*:

    Criteria Hourly Cost Fee Band*
    Greenwich resident on means tested benefits** £1.50 1
    Royal Greenwich Card holder*** £5.00 2
    Greenwich resident without a Greenwich Card £5.55 3
    Non-Borough Residents £6.80 4







    • You will need to show proof of benefits at enrolment, dated within 3 months of enrolment or accompanied by a current bank statement.**
    • You will need to show your Greenwich Card at enrolment.
    • Date of Birth and National Insurance Number must be provided or a charge of £7.50 per course hour will be charged.***
    • Self financing (previously known as full cost) courses are £7.50 per hour. 

    Number of weeks: 25

    Hours per week: 2

    Tuition Fees

    Greenwich Card Holder (Band 2)

    (2 hours) x 25 weeks = 50 hours)

    (50 hours x £5.55)

    Total = £227.50


    Fees cannot be refunded unless a course is closed. Please note that all courses are subject to minimum enrolment numbers. If minimum enrolment is not achieved some courses may be cancelled.

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