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How much will my course cost?

Courses are priced individually and most attract a fee concession.  Use the table below to find out what fees apply to you:

  • FEE BAND Criteria Hourly Cost
  • FEE 1 Greenwich resident on means tested benefit* £1.50
  • FEE 2 Royal Greenwich Card holder** £5.00
  • FEE 3 Greenwich resident without a Greenwich Card £5.55
  • FEE 4 Non borough resident £6.80

* FEE 1 - You will need to show proof of benefits at enrolment, dated within 3 months of enrolment or accompanied by a current bank statement. 
** FEE 2 - You will need to show your Greenwich One Card at enrolment. 

Date of birth and National Insurance number must be provided or a charge of £7.50 per course hour will be applicable. 

Self-financing (previously known as full cost) courses are £7.50 per hour.

Refund of fees

Fees cannot be refunded unless a course is closed. Please note that all courses are subject to minimum enrolment numbers. If minimum enrolment is not achieved, courses may be cancelled at short notice.

Are there any other costs?

Please note that there may be additional costs which are not covered by the course fee.


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