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London South East Children’s University

The London South East Children’s University was launched in September 2014, with initial support from the National Children’s University. The College believes that engaging with the Children’s University represents a wonderful and unique opportunity to encourage all children in the borough to undertake learning that will significantly enrich their lives and their prospects, irrespective of their background or circumstance.

What is the ‘Children’s University’?

This is a national programme aimed at increasing social mobility and aspiration among children. It focuses on providing high quality, innovative learning opportunities for children aged 7-14 outside of school. There are currently 125 CUs operating around the UK – 160,000 children participating in 2013 – and an increasing number of CUs operating across the world. Full details of all locations can be found on the CU website.

Children’s Universities link with Higher Education institutions and various other ‘Learning Destinations’ including libraries, museums, galleries, theatres, stately homes, music clubs, sports clubs and lunch time or after school clubs in their own school – all of which can offer exciting activities for children.

Children involved in the programme receive a Children’s University ‘passport’ and get a stamp for every hour of ‘activity’ they take part in, at a validated learning destination*.

The children then receive awards when they reach a certain number of stamps:

  • 100=Award
  • 200=Certificate
  • 300=Diploma
  • 400=Degree
  • 430-800 are Postgraduate and 830-1000 are Doctorates and Fellowships              

A graduation ceremony that replicates a University graduation takes place for children that reach the degree award or above, celebrating the hard work and success.

Our Chancellor

 Like a University, the National Children’s University has a Chancellor who currently is Michael Morpurgo. We are delighted to welcome bestselling author Martina Cole as the Chancellor of the  London South East Children’s University.

The London South East Children’s University (Bromley)

 Over the coming months, London South East College will be setting up activities for children to come along and take part in – providing them with opportunities to fill up their passports.

If you:

  • run an activity club for children and would like to become a validated learning destination
  • are a parent and your child/ren attends an out of school club that isn’t yet validated by London South East Children's University
  • are a local school who is not yet involved in the London South East Children's University, but would like to be

then please contact our London South East Children's University team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be delighted to help you get involved.

 We already have a huge amount of support for London South East Children’s University, including...

  • 10 primary schools fully signed up with interest from a further 9
  • 550 passports issued to date
  • 30 Learning Destinations on board so far. These include local libraries, museums, after school clubs, two stagecoach theatres, two Halfords stores,  Explore Learning and many more

For further information

 For more information about the National Children’s University, please see the national website contact the London South East Children’s University (Bromley), please call 020 8295 7000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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