Prevent is the Government’s strategy to help stop young people from being drawn into serious crime which may support or involve terrorism.

What does radicalisation mean?
This means encouraging people to take part in violent or extreme actions or joining groups that promote these.

For example, someone who believes in animal rights can legitimately campaign against cruelty to animals by democratic actions like petitions, letters, taking part in peaceful demonstrations, etc. However, he/she could be radicalised by a more extreme group into actions like sending threatening letters to scientists conducting animal research, attacking buildings, etc.

What groups does it affect?
This is NOT just about radical Islam. The prevent agenda includes:

  • Far right groups like the so called English Defence League, Britain First, Pediga UK
  • Radical religious groups e.g. Christian anti abortionists, Sikh extremists, Jewish Defence League etc
  • Extreme animal rights/environmental groups that advocate violence like the Animal Liberation Front
  • Extreme nationalists and separatists e.g. the ‘real’ IRA

How can you protect yourself and friends against radicalisation?
If you have any worries, discuss them with your family, your tutor or a safeguarding officer. If you believe strongly in a cause, research any groups or charities before you support them.

What does the College do to protect you?
Making racist, sexist, homophobic, extremist, sectarian or any other forms of hate comments are not tolerated by the College and disciplinary action is taken against anyone making them. (By sectarian we mean intolerance against groups within the same faith e.g. Protestant vs Catholic Christians, Shia vs Sunni Muslims.)

We promote tolerance, diversity and respect for fundamental British values. Staff are trained in Prevent and equality and diversity.

We have a team of safeguarding officers who are here to protect you from harm and this includes the dangers of radicalisation. Should a concern arise we will take advice from the local police Prevent Co-ordinator.

We have a process for ensuring that speakers and visitors will not seek to promote extremist views.

Who should you tell?
If you are concerned that someone you know, whether they are a College student or not, is being radicalised, then please ask to speak to a safeguarding officer, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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