Education and Professional Training | HE | Canterbury Christ Church University BA (Hons)

This course is a two-year top up to initial HE qualifications in Education and Training or in the life-long learning sector. If you have completed the Diploma in Education and Training or equivalent the course will enable you to top up your existing qualifications to a full degree. It is taught part-time over two years, so you can remain in employment while critically exploring the area you work in.

Supporting Teaching and Learning | HE | University of Greenwich Foundation Degree

This course is ideal for you if you work or volunteer in the classroom as a learning assistant or in a related role such as a learning mentor linked to a school or college and wish to progress your skills or become a teacher. It is a full-time programme offered in partnership with the University of Greenwich.

Education and Training | HE | University of Greenwich, Diploma/ProfGCE

This is a University validated Diploma in Education and Training offered in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University.

Teachers and trainers who do not hold a degree will study at Level 5 and  those with degrees who have the capability of working at Level 6 or above, the ProfGCE pathway will be available.

Education | HE | University of Greenwich, Certificate/ProfGCE/Diploma

This course is offered either as a qualification if you are already employed as a teacher or trainer in the post-compulsory education and training sector or an in-service qualification if you wish to gain a recognised, national teaching qualification and are not yet employed as a teacher in the sector. It is a programme offered in partnership with the University of Greenwich.

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