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English and Maths

English and Maths

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English and Maths


Whatever your interest or career ambition, good English and Maths skills are crucial to success. Many people lack confidence in these areas but we can help you overcome this and achieve your full potential.

We offer part time day and evening courses in English and Maths at all levels. Most courses lead to a recognized qualification, either Functional Skills or GCSEs, and you will receive advice and guidance in choosing the right qualification for you. Courses are available at a wide variety of days and times across the campuses so that you can fit English and/or Maths around other courses, work and family commitments.

Functional Skills qualifications are available at 5 different levels (Entry 1, 2, 3 and Level 1 and 2) and focus on the English and Maths skills that you need for work and adult daily life. Functional Skills are widely recognized across all sectors and are the preferred qualifications for apprenticeships. Functional Skills exams are available throughout the year and can be taken any day of the week and any time of day.

GCSE qualifications are at Level 2 and you need to already have the underlying English/Maths skills before embarking on the course. GCSEs are the preferred qualifications for progression to Higher Education and for careers in Education and Early Years. GCSE exams are held on set dates in May/June each year so please ensure that you are able to commit to the exam dates before enrolment.

We offer exceptional support both in and out of class time, with specialist English and Maths Hubs across all our sites. These provide a centre for students of all ages and abilities to develop and fine-tune their knowledge and skills, with advice, support and teaching from expert tutors.

Not sure on whether you might need to brush up on your Maths skills? Click here and try this short quiz and get some feedback on what areas of numeracy you might want to work on.

Below are the provisional GCSE exam dates for 2018-19:



Candidates must sit all three papers Candidates must sit both papers
Paper 1 Tuesday 21 May 2019 9am Paper 1 Tuesday 4 June 2019 9am
Paper 2 Thursday 6 June 2019 9am Paper 2 Friday 7 June 2019 9am
Paper 3 Tuesday 11 June 2019 9am      

Jasmin ForWeb


“My tutors introduced me to the Hub and I decided to spend as much of my free time as possible in there. The specialist tutors are brilliant and helped me so much. Within just a few sessions I could understand things much easier and this boosted my confidence enormously.” Read more…

Jack ForWeb


“I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was much younger and it made me shy away from developing an interest in English lessons when I was at school. I found the subject very difficult and I just lost interest very quickly. Here, I got interested simply by having a really brilliant tutor. She brought English lessons to life for me and gave me some great tips on how to understand a number of different topics." Read more…

Sarah ForWeb


“After leaving school without any qualifications, I enrolled to get my GCSEs in English and Maths after quite a lengthy period of being out of the education system. I did so in order to qualify for higher courses and more advanced employment possibilities. I really enjoyed both subjects and learnt an awful lot. Because of the very good tutors who explained things really well, I achieved great grades in my exams." Read more…

Andrew ForWeb


“I am currently doing my GCSE in English; mainly because I need a good grade to enter university and also to challenge myself and see if I’m really up to studying again after so many years out of education. Things have definitely moved on since I’d last attended classes. The teaching methods are better and classroom technology has come on leaps and bounds." Read more...

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