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About the course

This short, free, part time, non-accredited course is designed to help you prepare to apply for a GCSE English Language course if you have not studied English for some time but feel generally confident about your written English skills.  The course will provide an introduction to the GCSE syllabus and an opportunity to brush up on your literacy skills.

What you will study

The AQA new syllabus GCSE English Language course covers the following areas:

  • Creative reading and writing in fiction and non-fiction contexts
  • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives
  • This course will introduce you to all of these areas and help you to develop both reading comprehension and writing skills


  • There is no external assessment for this course but you will be helped to measure your progress and have the opportunity to sit the initial assessment for the GCSE English courses starting in September

Entry requirements

  • There are no formal entry requirements for this course but you should feel confident in your general literacy skills 
  • If unsure, please ask to take a short on-line literacy assessment to help you decide whether this is the right option for you
  • We also offer functional skills English courses at all levels

Moving forward

  • Progression to a GCSE English course

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