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English and Maths

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English and Maths

English and Maths

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About the course

This course is for you if you want to improve your maths skills, either for work or further study.  We offer courses at all levels in a friendly, supportive environment so that you can develop the skills you need.  All evening courses are once a week.  Most daytime courses are also once a week but in some cases the course runs over two afternoons to fit in with school finishing times.

What you will study

  • Number – calculating with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, using percentages, estimating and checking your answers with and without a calculator.

  • Measurement of shapes, spaces and time – using standard measures to calculate flat and 3D shapes, areas, speed etc.

  • Handling data – understanding and using charts, tables, graphs, timetables etc.


  • Functional skills maths is assessed by a single examination. Students are entered when they are ready for assessment and there are numerous opportunities throughout the year.

Entry requirements

  • You will sit a short initial assessment of your maths skills so that we can place you at the appropriate level.
  • Please bring any previous maths certificates with you so that we can take your prior learning into account.

Cost and loans

  • Maths courses are free to adults who have not yet achieved a GCSE Maths at grade C or above.

Moving forward

  • You can progress to the next level of functional skills maths or to GCSE maths.

Additional information

  • Additional learning support is available – please tell us about any specific learning difficulties you have.


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