Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle

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About the course

This introductory course is a great way to start your caeer as a motor mechanic and will help you decide if motor mechanics is the career for you. It provides a solid introduction to the specialist role of automotive technician and prepare you for an apprenticeship, work or a full time course in motor vehicle.

You will gain knowledge and understanding by working on real vehicles and vehicle components in our well-equipped workshop. The pace of study is relaxed so this gives you an opportunity to build confidence both as an individual, and as part of a team developing important work skills.

What you will study

  • Introduction to Health and Safety
  • Introduction to vehicle engine lubrication systems
  • Introduction to vehicle engine cooling systems Introduction to vehicle fuel and exhaust systems
  • Introduction to Vehicle Spark Ignition Systems Introduction to vehicle electrical systems
  • Introduction to vehicle braking systems
  • Introduction to vehicle transmission systems
  • Introduction to vehicle steering and suspension systems
  • Introduction to vehicle wheels and tyre systems
  • Introduction to principles of vehicle body and interior cleaning Introduction to vehicle engine operating principles
  • Introduction to vehicle workshop bench skills


  • Practically assessed, plus each unit will be written, including technical data and including health and safety factors

Entry requirements

  • Initial assessment to see if this is the best course for you plus an interview

Moving on

  • Vehicle Systems Maintenance City & Guilds Level 1 Diploma
  • An Apprenticeship

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