About the course

This course provides you with a highly supportive and flexible learning programme and environment to help you return to the workplace and learn a range of employability skills. It is specifically designed for people who have anxiety or a history of mental health problems. You will be encouraged and inspired to improve your self-esteem, build confidence and learn the skills that employers look for.

What you will study

  • Communications
  • Office skills
  • Word processing
  • Employability skills 
  • Job search and interview skills


  • Continual assessment and portfolio building
  • There are no exams

Entry requirements

  • No entry requirements are necessary, but you will be invited to attend a short, informal interview prior to joining the course to assess your needs and suitability

Moving forward

  • Employment
  • Higher level qualification in an office skills-related subject

If you would prefer to apply via a paper application form, this can be downloaded here. All paper applications should be sent to Dimitrios Alexiou, London South East Colleges, Bromley Campus, Nido Volans Centre, Rookery Lane, Bromley BR2 8HE.

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