About the course

The course is designed for young people with SEND who wish to develop the necessary skills for independence and for future employment. The overall aim is to support each learner to maximise their potential, and to develop the practical and social skills required for the work place.

What you will study

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Manufacturing
  • Enterprise
  • Personal & Social Development
  • Performing Arts
  • Training to develop independent travel skills
  • Continued development of learners’ English, Maths and ICT skills will be an integral aspect of the course

All learners will meet regularly with an assigned personal tutor to develop an individual learning plan, identify personal targets and review their progress.


  • Learners will be taught through a range of practical and vocational activities using the college classrooms, workshop facilities and the local community
  • A range of assessment methods will be used to deliver the programme and includes the assessment of completed portfolio work, observation, photographic and formal assessment of English, Maths and ICT. 
  • The course team will review learners’ progress formally three times a year in relation to the course aims and their individual development targets

Entry requirements

  • Applicants will require an Education, Health and Care Plan and a report from their most recent school demonstrating previous high levels of attendance and time keeping
  • Have the ability to develop independent travelling skills and be able to establish a good working relationship with both staff and their peers and to participate in educational visits and out of college activities

Moving forward

  • Learners will work toward individual targets to enable them to progress to either the Employment Preparation Course or to supported employment within the community
  • All learners will be working towards the achievement of an E2 Award/ Certificate in Personal and Social Development and functional skills at a level appropriate to them.

Additional information

  • All learners will need to be equipped with pens and note paper.
  • They will need a bus pass and train fare for travel training and trips out;
  • Steel toe capped boots horticulture and manufacturing.
  • Money towards Independent Living Lessons
  • There will be occasional educational visits and activities when learners will be expected to make a contribution towards costs

If you would prefer to apply via a paper application form, this can be downloaded here. All paper applications should be sent to Dimitrios Alexiou, London South East Colleges, Bromley Campus, Nido Volans Centre, Rookery Lane, Bromley BR2 8HE.

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