About the course

Personal Progression Pathways are individual learning programmes created to support the students’ needs and aspirations as they prepare for adult life. Their individual pathways are made up of selected modules that will develop skills. Each student is invited to attend the college for a short transition programme to ascertain the most appropriate modules that will enable them to develop and progress.

Students who wish to specialise in performance, music and dance can join the Greengoose Performing Arts Company as part of their programme.

What you will study

  • Independent living skills (including using the community, shopping, cooking and looking after your own home)
  • Communication through performing arts (including music, drama and dance)
  • Communication through arts and crafts
  • Communication through music
  • Employability through business enterprise and work experience
  • Employability through manufacturing
  • Horticulture for work and leisure
  • Media studies for work and leisure (including film making, photography, radio podcasts and student magazine)
  • Performing arts
  • Personal development and adult relationships
  • Travel training and road safety
  • Residential experience
  • Recreation for a healthy lifestyle
  • English and Maths

In addition to the modules, each learner will be provided with the extensive tutorial and pastoral support.


Learner support needs will be assessed in conjunction with their Education Health Care Plan and support will be allocated on an individual basis. On-going assessment of progress against targets and accreditation (where taken) will be recorded and shared with parents and carers regularly throughout the year.

Following assessment if it is considered that a learner would benefit from our TEACCH programme and there is space available (maximum 6) this option would be offered.

Entry requirements

Offer of placement is based on whether we can provide a suitable programme that meets the needs and outcomes highlighted in the individual’s EHCP.

Additional information

The learners’ programmes will also include enrichment activities to enhance and provide a balanced curriculum.

Learners are expected to provide their own safety boots or shoes (steel toe capped) for manufacturing and horticulture.

If you would prefer to apply via a paper application form, this can be downloaded here. All paper applications should be sent to Dimitrios Alexiou, London South East Colleges, Bromley Campus, Nido Volans Centre, Rookery Lane, Bromley BR2 8HE.

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