Entry Level

Personal Progression Pathways | Entry Level | Certificate

Personal Progression Pathways are individual learning programmes created to support the students needs and aspirations as they prepare for adult life.

Vocational Taster Programme | Entry Level | Certificate

This course is suitable for applicants who are unsure which vocational route they would like to pursue as a career and/or need to further develop English, maths and ICT. The aim of this course is to explore a range of vocational subjects and to develop the skills and knowledge required to pursue further education in a vocational subject at Level 1 and then beyond. All students receive regular tutorial support.

Introduction to Work | Entry Level | Certificate

The course is designed for young people with SEND who wish to develop the necessary skills for independence and for future employment. The overall aim is to support each learner to maximise their potential, and to develop the practical and social skills required for the work place.

Employment Preparation Pathway | Entry Level | Certificate

The Employment Preparation programme is designed for learners who need to develop their skills for future employment. The vocational subjects have been selected for their practical application and the emphasis on teamwork, which is a crucial element of any job.

Learners will develop functional skills in English, Maths and ICT by participating in a range of activities including creative projects and out of college social activities.

Independent Life Skills | Entry Level | Certificate

Independent Life Skills is an accredited learning programme created to support the learners needs and aspirations as they prepare for adult life. The curriculum is made up of selected modules that will develop essential personal, social and employability skills. Each learner is invited to attend the college for an interview and short transition programme to ascertain whether we can meet needs.

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