Each Employer Academy works with the London South East Colleges Industry Lead to ensure that we provide an employer-led curriculum offer and opportunities for students within in the workplace. Each Curriculum Team will work with the employers to shape and direct the study programmes in order to fully equip students for working life in their chosen industry.

Our Employer Academies are designed to ensure all our students are prepared to make a smooth transition from education to employment and meet the needs of employers. This model of engagement will move to reduce skills gaps in certain industries by receiving input and knowledge from employers as to what qualities, competencies and specific technical skills are required to succeed in their industry specific jobs and how our curriculum offer can reflect this need.

To enable this collaboration, London South East Colleges has designed the ‘Employer Advantage’, an innovative scheme to engage with industry partners and provide a two way exchange of ideas and information to enable businesses to grow and develop.

Signatories of the Employer Advantage, which is free to join, have access to a range of benefits, allowing them to work closely with students of all ages who are keen to develop their skills and make an active contribution to the local economy.

In return, employers are asked to sign up for at least three commitments to work with the College and support students in a variety of ways that suit the individual business and the time they have available.

Depending on their availability, the employer can choose their level of engagement as follows:

Bronze Giving talks to students to help them understand about the Industry, the employer’s business, and how to succeed.
Silver Mentoring students to develop their interview and CV writing skills.

Work place visits within the employer’s organisation to raise awareness of day to day activities and how different jobs relate to the industry.
Work placements and work experience to enable students to gain ‘hands on’ experience in the organisation, and raise awareness of the demands the industry requires.


Employers partner with the College on industry specific projects and developments. Employers will have a direct influence on the study programmes and curriculum offer for that area.
Employers carry out or assist with staff development and training on employer needs, skills students need to be learning and new developments in the industry.

If you would like to become part of the Employer Advantage, please click here.

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