Over the next couple of years the apprenticeship landscape will be changing dramatically. 

The introduction of the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 will transform the way in which Apprenticeships are funded, designed and delivered. 

To help guide you through the maze of reforms and maximise the opportunities to successfully grow and develop your business, we offer the following:

London South East Apprenticeships Company is running a series of free workshops to help you prepare for the arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017.

The comprehensive workshops will cover:

  • Key updates regarding latest government policy
  • Introduction to the Digital Account System
  • Working examples
  • Discussion and Q&A

For more information on the Apprenticeship Levy, please see our uesful powerpoints below:


Calculate your Apprenticeship Levy

Total Levy to pay


Approximate number of Apprentices

Band 15: £27,000
Band 14: £24,000
Band 13: £21,000
Band 12: £18,000
Band 11: £15,000
Band 10: £12,000
Band 9: £9,000
Band 8: £6,000
Band 7: £5,000
Band 6: £4,000
Band 5: £3,500
Band 4: £3,000
Band 3: £2,500
Band 2: £2,000
Band 1: £1,500


Bronagh Taylor

Learning and Development Manager, United Living

In the last few months, I have attended many workshops to gain insight and understanding about the Government's Apprenticeship Levy which comes into effect from April 2017. I was still in the dark until I attended a Levy Workshop event held by London South East Colleges and hosted by Jacquie McDonnell. I came away with a wealth of information and clarity that I didn’t have before. This has enabled me to build on our Apprenticeship programme for 2017. Fantastic event, and one I would highly recommend to others who are impacted by the Apprenticeship Levy.

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