Colleges are led by independent boards of governors. It is the role of the Corporation to set the college mission and strategic direction, oversee quality and financial performance, challenge the executive on delivery and hold the Principal to account.

The Corporation conducts its business through meetings of the full Corporation and a number of committees: Audit, Curriculum & Quality, Strategy, Governance and Search, Finance and Remuneration. It is the Corporation’s responsibility to bring independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct.

The Corporation comprises of governors who cover a wide range of professional, business or community experience which is called upon when decision making. The Principal is also a member of the Corporation and there is also a staff governor and a student governor.

The full Corporation meets at least 4 times a year, as well as holding a strategic day, whereby members are provided with regular and timely information on the overall performance of the College together with other information such as key performance indicators and updates from the Principal.

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