London South East Education Group (LSEEG)

London and South East Education Group (LSEEG) was formed in 2018, encompassing Bromley College (with its eight campuses), multi-academy trust (with its seven schools) and two apprenticeship companies. This new over-arching organisation reflects our growth since merger and position as the leading educational provider in south east London. The Group includes the Further Education Colleges in the London Boroughs of Bromley, Bexley and the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The Academies are in Bromley and Bexley.

The Group has a key role to play in helping people to gain the skills they need for today’s fast moving world and to achieve their potential. This is vital not only for our students but also for our communities and the country’s economy.

The Group Board is the overarching Board for the three independent Boards - the College Board (LSEC), the Trust Board (LESAT), and the apprenticeship company Board (LSfG). The Group Board is not a legal entity. It is a ‘Committee’ that overseas the three independent Boards and its authority derives from an agreed Scheme of Delegation between the Group Board and the three independent Boards.

London South East Colleges (LSEC) Board

The London South East Colleges (LSEC) Board has ultimate overall responsibility on the performance of the further education colleges within LSEEG.

The LSEC Board has the following responsibilities that it cannot delegate to another body:

  • The determination and development of the educational character and mission of the institution;

  • The approval of the annual estimates of income and expenditure;

  • The responsibility for ensuring the solvency of the institution and the Corporation and for safeguarding their assets;

  • The appointment of the Chief Executive, Principal or holder of a senior post; The appointment of the Clerk; and

  • The modification or revocation of the Articles of Government.

One of the key tasks of the LSEC Board is to monitor performance against agreed strategic objectives and to hold the Executive to account on the performance of the Colleges within LSEEG.


The committees which serve the LSEC Board are as follows:

LSEEG Audit Committee

The main responsibility of this committee is to advise the governing body on how well the College's internal control systems (e.g. finance, IT etc.) are working.  It has a key role in acting as an 'independent arm' to ensure the information provided to the governing body – and the systems that generate it – are robust and accurate. In other words, the committee is the 'eyes and ears' of the governing body.  The members must be capable of independent, authoritative and objective consideration of complex and potentially sensitive issues, and must provide impartial advice to the governing body.

LSEEG Finance Committee

The main responsibility of this committee is to advise the governing body on all aspects of its finances, financial policies and controls (e.g. annual budgets, capital expenditure and funding).  Its members determine the College's investment and borrowing programmes, and review the financial regulations on a regular basis.  They also recommend the annual accounts to the governing body for approval.

LSEEG Search Committee

The committee advises the governing body on the appointment of its members, to identify nominations in respect of vacancies, and to consider the composition and balance of the board and its committees.  It monitors members' attendance at all meetings and undertakes periodical skills audits to balance the range of skills and experience on the governing body.

LSEEG Remuneration Committee

The committee’s responsibilities are to make recommendations to the Corporation on the remuneration and benefits of the Principal and other senior post-holders.


A diagram showing the Group Structure can be found at this link: LSEEG Group Structure
The Terms of Reference for the LSEEG Board can be found at this link: Terms of Reference for the LSEEG Board
The Terms of Reference for the Independent Boards within LSEEG can be found at this link: Terms of Reference for the Independent Boards including the LSEC Board
The LSEEG Scheme of Delegation Group can be found at this link: LSEEG Scheme of Delegation
The LSEC Instrument & Articles can be found at this link: LSEC I&A
The Terms of Reference for Committees can be found at this link: ToR Committees

Governors' Handbook and Governance Policies

An annual ‘Governors’ Handbook’ is published and made available to all governors. The handbook contains all governance policies and documents relevant to governance. The handbook is split into the following sections:

  • Section 1: Governors’ handbook contents and current Governor information, including membership, committee membership, annual cycle of business and meeting dates.
  • Section 2: Legal framework, including the Instrument & Articles of Government, Standing Orders, Scheme of Delegation and Committee’s Terms of Reference
  • Section 3: Roles & responsibilities including that of governors, the Chair and the Clerk
  • Section 4: Training, Development & Governance Self-Assessment
  • Section 5: Governance policies & procedures
  • Section 6: Key documents

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