Love our Colleges

This week we are supporting the Love Our Colleges Campaign.

Colleges and college staff transform lives – they help people make the most of their talents and ambitions and drive social mobility; they help businesses improve productivity and drive economic growth; they are rooted in and committed to their communities and drive tolerance and well-being. They are an essential part of England’s education system – educating and training 2.2 million people every year.

Why Colleges Week is important?

Over the last decade, colleges have had to deal with an average 30% funding cut, whilst costs have increased dramatically. This has resulted in a drastic drop in learning opportunities for adults, fewer hours of teaching and support for young people, and teacher pay at less than 80% of schools and support staff seeing no increase in pay for several years. This situation is not sustainable and ultimately impacts upon students, businesses, communities and the wider economy.

That is why unions, students and colleges are coming together, this week, to request fair funding because colleges matter.



“The tutors were superb; they were enthusiastic, energetic and really make you want to come back for more each week. My only disappointment is that the course is now over, and I’ll miss coming here.”
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