A group of London South East Colleges students, based at Bexley Campus, came to the rescue of an elderly woman last week after she stumbled and fell from the doors of a bus on Pier Road in Erith.

The 87-year-old fell from the bus whilst trying to alight at her stop. She became trapped between the bus and the pavement before emergency services arrived.

The eight students, all studying on the Health and Social Care BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate, saw the accident happen and were quick to respond to the situation. Between them they called the emergency services, made the woman comfortable, covered her with their coats and kept her in conversation throughout the whole time she was on the floor.

  • Good Samartians

Heroes: Six of the team of students and their tutor Paula at our Bexley Campus in Erith.

Paramedics and police attending the scene praised the students for their response and kindness. London Ambulance Service Paramedic, Gary Bingham said: “It was very fortunate that the students were on the scene immediately and able to help. They did all the right things by keeping her warm and sheltered from the rain.”

Danielle, 18, said: “I think we all reacted in exactly the same way at the same time and went running over as soon as we saw the lady had fallen. I’m proud of myself and my friends for what we did to help her and I think, despite the stress of the situation, it has actually given us all an insight into a real-life situation where the skills we have learnt may have helped save someone’s life.”

Their tutor, Paula Yates said: “We all focus very much on the expectations of young people these days. I think my students have displayed incredibly positive behaviour and taken responsibility for other people’s safety. What’s even better, they have used their caring nature and the skills they have learnt so far on their course. They also worked as a team. A huge well done to them all.”

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