Three industrious students from London South East Colleges’ Nido Volans Centre have recently started exciting work experience programmes at one of the country’s top cricket clubs.

Winciano (Wincy), Sam and Robert, from our Employment Preparation Entry Level 3 course, based at Bromley Campus, are working alongside Kent County Cricket Club’s centre manager and senior groundsman in the day-to-day running of its home ground in Beckenham.

The three young men are reaping the benefits of gaining first-hand experience in the areas of hospitality and catering, horticulture and sports facility management.

Wincy (pictured above) is specialising in catering at the College. He attends lessons for three days a week and works one-day (soon to be two) at the cricket club. He says: “I started my work experience at the beginning of January after being given a lot of preparation by my tutors. I have spent a lot of time taking part in the cooking, preparing and serving food at our Chef’s Table restaurant, as well as being taught general employability skills and communication. The skills have come in particularly useful here. I get to do a variety of things such as arranging and setting tables for functions, help out during school sports and training events, serving refreshments and even handling cash. I have been asked to come along for an extra day each week when the new cricket season begins in April. That will be the club’s busy period and I can’t wait.

"Being a cricket fan, this is as close to my perfect work experience as I can possibly get. I’ve been told the first professional game of the season will see Scotland play Sri Lanka in an international T20 match in just a few weeks’ time. That means there will be a lot going on leading up to, and during the game. Bring it on!”

Fellow student, Sam is helping out as the senior groundsman’s assistant and has already made a big impression for his enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. He says: “The best thing about working here is that I get to handle some great kit. I use the lawnmowers, the strimmer and leaf blower to help keep the pitch in perfect condition and provide other general maintenance duties around the training grounds and in the brand new sports hall. I love working outdoors and I think that this is the type of work I will always enjoy.”

Tutor, Giles Delamare is the Employment Preparation and Supported Internship Leader at Bromley Campus. He says: “I’m very proud of how our students have really got stuck into their work since they’ve been here. We worked hard to set up this partnership with the cricket club and the boys have taken full advantage of the opportunity presented to them. Wincy and Sam work here on Wednesdays and Robert comes in on Thursdays. He gets specialist help from one of our job coaches who comes along to provide him with extra support.

"London South East Colleges' supported internship scheme is growing bigger and stronger each term. Just last year, a stunning 43% of students leaving our SEND employability courses at Bromley Campus (against a London average of just 6%) have found meaningful employment. This is a great achievement and one that we aim to improve year after year.”

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