London South East Colleges is delighted to welcome its latest high-profile signing to an already impressive team of experts in the field of performing and production arts. From the beginning of the new academic year, dancer, choreographer, singer and YouTube sensation, Katerina Sleiman (aka Katerina Dimitri) will be working with our levels 2 and 3 dance students, providing them with an extensive range of modern and traditional dance moves, and a focus on artistry, originality and professionalism.

Katerina brings to the College an extraordinary wealth of skills and experience in the performing arts and entertainment industry. The 28-year-old north Londoner was educated at the Sylvia Young Theatre School before moving on to CPA.

Since graduating in 2009, she has featured in several TV, film and theatre productions including Street Dance the Movie, and The X Factor as a backing dancer. She has taught dance at BCA and the Kiln Theatre, and choreographed video performances featuring Carlos Paul, Ramzi and Mia.

For the past 10 years, Katerina has been making a huge splash with her YouTube channel ‘Katerina’. She currently has well above 42,000 subscribers who watch her videos and engage with her infectious enthusiasm for all things creative.

“I was born into a highly creative and sporty family,” she says, “my dad is an interior designer, my mum a dressmaker, my sister competes in ballroom competitions and both of my brothers are footballers. I even have a cousin who is a fashion designer.

“It certainly helps being surrounded with like-minded and supportive family members, friends and acquaintances. It is also very helpful and beneficial if you add to that a great big dose of positivity and a belief that all things are possible. My advice to anybody is to never give up, and always love what you do!”

This year, Katerina’s students will have the chance to study and learn a wide range of different dance and musical genres from ballet, tap, jazz, commercial and contemporary to traditional international styles such as African, Cuban salsa, Caribbean and even Bollywood. 

At the end of October, the students will take part in their first public performances of the term when they stage their ‘Halloween Mashup’.

Katerina continues: “Today’s entertainment industry is a very tough nut to crack. Lots of young people can sing and dance well but to be a success, each individual needs to offer something original and unique. My motto is ‘don’t fit in, stand out’. When you take to the stage, you must take ownership of your performance and show initiative. In short, the students need to discover their own niche.

"I have been teaching this year’s cohort since the beginning of September and I’m loving it. The students really want to learn and are under no illusion how hard they will need to work to make a success of their careers.

“To be a great dancer, you need to have passion. That is something I have in great quantities and I love to share it. I want to be a big part of the students’ journey, not only through their time at the College, but into their careers and beyond.”

Later this year, Katerina will be publishing an album of her own music. She describes it as a fusion of urban pop and dance. The album will be marketed through YouTube and then onto iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Exciting times are ahead.

If you think you have what it takes to become a professional dancer, actor, set designer or make-up artist and build a successful career in the theatre or film and TV industries, we’d like to hear from you. We have a great range of courses to get you started. Come along to one of our Open Events.

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