London South East Colleges Students' Union is here for you!

It’s your voice on issues that matter to you and takes positive action to improve the college for everyone.

With so many students it would be impossible to operate and run a representative group without a small team being tasked with the job. This is why each year, a group of students are elected in a cross campus ballot to become a member of the Student Executive Committee. They are entrusted with representing the views of each and every student. They make decisions about how the Union operates and the kind of activities that it organises and supports. They lead campaigns to improve the lives of students and work with the College's management team to make changes in the interests of all.

As part of the college’s commitment to involve students in its governance, the elected Students’ Union President is invited to become a college governor. Whether it's to change things within or outside of the classroom, we listen to your views and fight to ensure your voice is heard.

How can you get involved in the Students’ Union?

Every student automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Union and is entitled to get involved in everything we put on or have a say in how we are run.

There are a number of ways to get involved with your Students union whether it’s briefly giving your opinion or committing to joining the team. You could:

  • Become a Class Rep and represent your classmates views to management
  • Run in elections to be an Officer within the Students' Union executive
  • Vote for the students you want to represent you
  • Help raise money for charity
  • Attend events and trips arranged by the Students' Union
  • Give your views and opinions on the things that affect you

The more you put in the more you get out - There are loads of things to do for fun and to help with life after College.

Benefits of belonging to the Students' Union

  • The opportunity to purchase a NUS Extra card which gives you discounts in popular retailers both online and in store.
  • Get involved in College-wide campaigns on issues that matter to you
  • Get your voice heard about things
  • Give your views and thoughts on the things that matter to you

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