Occupational Therapy Technician, Andrew is currently working hard to achieve a good grade in his GCSE English exams in order to qualify for a university place next year. He has decided to extend his career goals and go the whole way to becoming a fully qualified Occupational Therapist but requires a more formal academic qualification to help him get on course.

Andrew says: “I’m doing this course for two reasons. The first is to give me a better result in English than what I achieved in school, and the second is to challenge myself and see if I’m really up to studying again after so many years out of education. Things have definitely moved on since I last attended formal classes. The teaching methods are infinitely better and classroom technology has moved on leaps and bounds.

“I’m hoping this course, and the experience I have of working in the NHS as a Technician can lead me onto a BSc Hons Degree in Occupational Therapy next year. I know that the more qualifications I pick up, the more scope I have to broaden my career chances. I’m very good at working with people and being able to focus on the individual. I want to help people discover all the things they can do. That’s pretty much how the tutors here at London South East Colleges work. They don’t just teach you the core skills, they give you ideas and confidence and encourage you all the way.

“You are never too old to learn. In fact, you are probably better equipped to succeed!”

If you are already a student at London South East Colleges, our English and Maths Hubs are open all day, five days a week at each of our campuses. You can book an appointment to see a tutor, or drop in anytime to self-study and use the facilities. Your communication and calculation skills are a vital part of your development and crucial if you want to move on into university or a career of your choice. The tutors are here to help and guide you. Don’t miss out, visit us today to find out how we can help you.

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