Will and Naana have just completed their Applied Science BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma course at London South East Colleges and are now heading off to specialise in completely different career pathways at two of the UK’s leading universities.

They have spent the last couple of years on a fascinating voyage of exploration and discovery, developing their basic skills and scientific knowledge before moving on to examine a vast array of different occupations and fields of research. During their time at the College, both have found their calling and set their sights and ambitions on pursuing their specialisms.

Will, 19, has won a place at the University of Kent to study forensics this September. His interest in the subject comes from listening to his parents, both former police officers, tell him about some of the cases they had worked on during the course of their duties. He became infatuated with how scientific evidence is collated and used for evidence in criminal cases.

“Many of my favourite TV dramas are about forensic investigations,” he says. “Everything in our house stops for programmes such as Silent Witness, Unusual Suspects, Bones and many others of the same genre.”

One of Will’s friends has recently completed a forensics degree at the same university and has highly recommended it to Will.  He continues: “Forensics can be used for explosive ordinance disposal, DNA profiling, drug testing and toxicology, analysing samples, crime scene investigation and much more. Once I’ve finished my degree, I’d like to take my studies one step further by concentrating on anthropological forensics. This is the study of human remains that have been discovered decomposed, burnt or have been rendered unrecognisable through years of lying undiscovered. This science is commonly used to crack historical crimes. This would be a very interesting and satisfying career.”

Naana, 20, is heading up north to study a degree in Orthoptics at the University of Sheffield. This is the study of irregularities of the eyes, particularly the eye muscles that prevent normal binocular vision. She currently has a part-time job as an optical consultant at Boots Opticians and wants to build on the skills she has acquired in her job and at the College. She says: “Ever since my grandfather suffered with glaucoma and vision loss, I’ve wanted to work towards helping people regain their sight and quality of life. I would like to work as a professional Orthoptist one day. I’d love to work particularly with children and the elderly. They are the groups who suffer the most from these conditions.

“During a guest lecture this year, we dissected an eye and got to see all of the muscles and anatomical parts that make up this vital organ. We learnt about how the eye works with the brain and its importance in regards to the body. It’s truly fascinating.

“There are lots of developments currently underway to discover cures for chronic eye conditions and blindness. I would love to work towards making a big scientific breakthrough one day.”

Applied sciences tutor, Richard Keen says: “It is a great time to study sciences. The number of roles within the industry are expanding all the time. If you come and study science at London South East Colleges, you are opening up many different career options that include pathways into biomedical research, animal care and zoology, pharmacology, pharmacy, marine biology, radiology, midwifery and nursing and even law. It can also provide a stepping stone into many careers within the medical professions.”

If you think you have what it takes to be successful in the world of science, we’d like to hear from you. We have a great range of courses, including those at degree and professional level, for you to choose from. Come along to one of our open events during June and July.

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