Jonathon is a very keen road and rail enthusiast who is determined to find a job working within the realms of transport planning, infrastructure and administration. Ideally he would love to play a role in the planning of rail routes through the capital and claims the main source of his passion for all things transit, is Harry Beck’s classic design of the London underground map.

Just like Harry Beck, Jonathon spends much of his spare time drawing transport maps; many of them imaginary and created simply for the pleasure of doing so. He also has a particular interest in Japan’s railways and believes that their public transport systems are the best in the world.

Jonathon is currently studying on our Employment Preparation Entry/Level 1 Award/Certificate course based in Bromley. His tutors have been working very hard to find him a suitable work experience programme this year as he has such a specific interest. Enter one of the UK’s leading infrastructure services companies; FM Conway. They have recently agreed to work with Jonathon one-day-per-week on a trial basis until the end of term with the possibility of offering him a full supported internship next September.

Peter Parle is Senior Transport Manager at FM Conway, based at their HQ in Sevenoaks. He says: “Jonathon has only been here for a few weeks and is already a very well-liked and highly popular member of the office team. He fits in perfectly. I have set him lots of different admin tasks such as data inputting and routing vehicles. We look after the main operating licenses of over 1000 HGVs; 800 of them operate in London each day. He has been a great help in finding suitable routes for the vehicles. He has also given me some great tips for using Excel spreadsheets.

“Last week, I sent him out on one of the trucks and I’m told he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It’s good for him to see how they operate and what is involved in the everyday responsibilities of a FM Conway truck-driver.”

Jonathon is supported by Jordana, his job coach. She has attended work with him to help him settle in and to ensure that he understands the instructions given to him by his supervisor. She is also on-hand to advise staff and help them understand the nature of his learning difficulty if the need arises. However, Jonathon’s introduction to the job has gone so well, he may not be needing her for much longer.

Jonathon says: “I feel very happy here and the people in my office are wonderful. I really enjoy the work they give me and I particularly enjoyed going out with the drivers.

"My ideal job would be to work for Transport for London (tfl) and help in their planning offices. Just to play any role in the development of transport infrastructure would be great.”

Tutor, Giles Delamare is the Employment Preparation and Supported Internship Leader at Bromley Campus. He says: “We don’t usually get many students who set us a challenge like Jonathon has. He is so particular about the type of work he wants to engage in and has a very strong goal he would like to achieve.

“Thank you very much to the staff at FM Conway, they have given him a superb opportunity and one that he obviously enjoys immensely. He can’t wait to get there each week.

“London South East Colleges' supported internship scheme is growing bigger and stronger each term. Just last year, a stunning 43% of students leaving our SEND employability courses at Bromley Campus (against a London average of just 6%) have found meaningful employment. This is a great achievement and one that we aim to improve year after year.”

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