A former London South East Colleges student has graduated from Norland College, one of only two men to do so in its 126 year history. Liam Willett, 21, from Beckenham, qualified with a BA (hons) degree in Early Years Development and Learning from the highly prestigious institution this year, along with fellow male student Harry Pratt.

It was in 2015, on leaving school, that Liam arrived at our Bromley Campus to study for the Children’s Play Learning and Development Level 3 Diploma. Initially, he wanted to work as a teacher in primary or secondary school.

During his second year, the College invited a Norland Nanny to give a talk about her career, and how she had qualified and become the nanny for a highly influential London family. Qualifying from Norland College gives you a very sought-after and distinguished set of skills and knowledge of children’s care in food and nutrition, child health, psychology, education, as well as the more unusual side of the profession; skid-pan driving, self-defence and anti-terrorism training.

Norland nannies have a worldwide reputation for being the best in the world. Currently, the most well-known Norland nanny is Maria Borrallo who looks after Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Though Liam is now at work in his first position as a Norland nanny, He is still studying for an additional qualification that enables him to put theory into practice.

Liam said: “I wanted to be as big an influence on other people’s lives as one of my teachers had been on mine, I was very inspired and full of admiration for anyone who devoted their lives to giving young people a great start in life and steering them in the right direction.

“My first real job is currently occupying most of my day. I live in with a family in London looking after their two-year old. I am there for the child from when he awakes to when he finally falls asleep at night. Most days I’m working for twelve hours.

“I have to say; its great fun and I am getting to use many of the skills and expertise I’ve learnt at Norland College. A typical day would be getting the child washed, his breakfast prepared, taking him to a morning class, playing football or with his toys, putting him down for an afternoon nap, going to the park to feed the ducks, bringing him home and making his evening meal and then, when the parents are home, I feedback to them everything we have done during the day, outlining any areas of concern - if any.

“I think the role of nanny would suit many men, even though it’s hardly what you would think of as a traditional male role. Once qualified and with a couple of years’ experience under your belt, it is a very well-paid profession. It is also very rewarding.”

Liam’s tutor at London South East Colleges, and curriculum leader, Manju Khullar, is delighted that Liam has made the grade and graduated with his honours degree.

She said: “During the two years that Liam spent at London South East Colleges, he developed a good knowledge and understanding of what is required as an early year’s practitioner. I saw a change in him once we had brought in the guest Norland nanny. His whole focus shifted pretty much immediately, and he was determined to get the grades needed to gain entry to Norland. I’m very proud of everything he has achieved so far, and I have every faith he will reach the very top of his career one day.”

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